Why STA?

We’re proud to say we are not your typical transit agencies, and here are a few reasons why:

  • We’re an innovative, public-private transit partnership that embraces and implements new technologies to respond to changing passenger needs.
  • We address customer complaints in hours, not days or weeks.
  • We’re experts at long-distance, express service.
  • Our transit hubs and park-and-ride lots incorporated transitoriented development long before “TOD” was a buzzword in transit circles.
  • We have passenger satisfaction rates as high as 98% and many of our members have been honored with the Minnesota Transit System of the Year award, in addition to receiving multiple national awards.
  • We contract with outside vendors to operate and service our buses and facilities, keeping our overhead expenses low.
  • We have strict performance and accountability measures that require our vendors to maintain safety, on-time rates and the cleanliness of our buses and facilities.
  • The operating subsidy for some of our routes is as low as $0.39, virtually unheard of in public transit.
  • We have great partnerships with the appointed and elected officials in the cities in which we operate.
  • Every day, thousands of commuters come from miles beyond our host cities to experience the comfort and convenience of our buses.