A Transit Success Story

Since 1984, metro-area commuters have taken millions of trips provided by members of the Suburban Transit Association.  In fact, from 2003-2007, ridership on STA member buses increased by 40 percent, and that doesn’t include the thousands of new passengers who started riding our buses when gas prices went through the roof in 2008!

You bet we’re proud of our record.  It’s an award-winning record of safe, clean, affordable and environmentally friendly bus service that commuters throughout the metro area use, and use a lot.

A partnership of public agencies and private companies, some of our employees are unionized, some are not.  But all are laser-focused on providing premier customer service.  For STA agencies, that’s simply a fact of life. Many of our customers have several choices in how they commute, so STA agencies have to prove on a daily basis they’re worth the investment.